What Tube Is Used For Blood Draw?

What blood test goes in what color tube?

Blood Collection TubesTube cap colorAdditiveCommon laboratory testsLavender or pinkPotassium EDTAHematology and blood bankGraySodium fluoride, and sodium or potassium oxalateGlucose (especially when testing will be delayed), blood alcohol, lactic acid3 more rows.

What color tube is a CBC?

LavenderLavender-Top Tube – EDTA: EDTA is the anticoagulant used for most hematology procedures. Its primary use is for the CBC and individual components of the CBC. The larger (6ml) tube is used for blood bank procedures.

What color tube is used for lipid panel?

LIPID PANELORDERING INFORMATION:SPECIMEN COLLECTIONSpecimen type:Plasma or serumPreferred collection container:Stat/Line draws: 3 mL green/yellow-top (plasma separator) tube Routine requests/off-site specimens: 3.5 mL gold-top (serum separator) tube18 more rows•Sep 10, 2019

Which blood tube is drawn first?

Standard order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, red, light blue, SST (Gold), green, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube must be drawn first.

What is the correct order of draw for venipuncture?

The recommended order is as follows: Blood culture tubes. Sodium citrate tubes (e.g., blue-stopper) Serum tubes with or without clot activator, with or without gel separator (e.g., red-, gold-, speckled-stopper)

What color tube is used for CMP blood test?

Red-top tube or green-top (lithium heparin) tube is acceptable.

What diagnosis covers lipid panel?

Its corresponding ICD-9 code is 272.4. Code E78. 5 is the diagnosis code used for Hyperlipidemia, Unspecified, a disorder of lipoprotein metabolism other lipidemias. It is a condition with excess lipids in the blood.

How much does a lipid panel cost?

How Much Does a Lipid Profile Cost? On MDsave, the cost of a Lipid Profile ranges from $10 to $70.

How do you know what tube to use when drawing blood?

The recommended order of draw for plastic collection tubes is:First – blood culture bottle or tube (yellow or yellow-black top)Second – coagulation tube (light blue top). … Third – non-additive tube (red top)Last draw – additive tubes in this order:

What tube is used for blood cultures?

Routine blood culture: This is used for culture of both bacteria and yeast: Two BacT Alert bottles (FAN aerobic and FAN anaerobic). AFB is cultured using a 10 mL green-top sodium heparin blood colleciton tube. Viral blood cultures: Lavender-top tube containing 7-10 mL of blood (EDTA anticoagulant).

What tube is used for alcohol level?

Preferred: Whole Blood, one gray (sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate) top tube, also acceptable: one 5.0 mL gold (SST), 7.0 mL red or 3.0 mL mint green (lithium heparin, PST) top tube. Gray (sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate) top tube may be submitted in original container.

What are the three most commonly used veins for venipuncture?

The antecubital area of the arm is usually the first choice for routine venipuncture. This area contains the three vessels primarily used by the phlebotomist to obtain venous blood specimens: the median cubital, the cephalic and the basilic veins.

What is a green top tube used for?

Green-top tube (sodium heparin): Tube contains sodium heparin as an anticoagulant. This tube is used for preparing heparinized plasma, whole blood, and bone marrow specimens. Note: Tube should be inverted several times immediately after blood collection to prevent coagulation.

Which tube is drawn first in a sterile venipuncture?

EDTA tubesThis standard recommends that EDTA tubes be drawn first to ensure good quality specimen, followed by other additive tubes and finally, serum specimen tubes.

How does drawing blood work?

Most of the time, blood is drawn from a vein located on the inside of the elbow or the back of the hand.The site is cleaned with germ-killing medicine (antiseptic).An elastic band is put around the upper arm to apply pressure to the area. … A needle is inserted into the vein.More items…•

What color tube is CRP?

CRP (INFLAMMATORY MARKER)ORDERING INFORMATION:Specimen type:Plasma or serumPreferred collection container:Stat/Line draws: 3 mL green/yellow-top (plasma separator) tube Routine requests/off-site specimens: 3.5 mL gold-top (serum separator) tubeSpecimen required:2 mL of serum or plasma; minimum 0.2 mL.18 more rows

What color tube is used for basic metabolic panel?

Red-top tube or green-top ( heparin) tube is acceptable.