Quick Answer: How Do I Keep My Apple Charger From Breaking?

Why do my Chargers keep stop working?

Over time, the flexing and bending of a cable can lead to wires fraying or breaking inside your cable.

When that happens, you often need to unplug and replug the phone when you bend the cable to restart charging.

You continue to wiggle left, wiggle right, unplug, replug, until your cable finally takes its last charge..

Why do Apple charging cords stop working?

These could be due to strain and corrosion — in other words, normal wear and tear. Sometimes it’s because you are using a cheap knock-off cable of low quality. You will encounter an error that the cable is not certified on the iPhone if this is what is causing the charging issue.

Should you only use Apple Chargers?

Answer: A: USB is an industry standard so I wouldn’t worry about non-Apple chargers. In fact, I’ve been using non-Apple chargers on several IOS devices for almost ten years with no problems. I would, however, recommend that you always use Apple cables or Apple-certified cables.

Will Apple send me a new charger?

You can always order a new charger and pay for it. However, if you want it replaced under warranty, at some point Apple will have to get the old one back for evaluation. … It may be simpler to just take the dead charger to the Apple Store and see if they will replace it on the spot for you.

How do you get a broken iPhone charger out?

lightning connector tip broken and stuck in charge portI found a great way to “pick” out the broken charger tip. … I put a bit of Crazy Glue on the cable side, put the tip and the cable together, waited for it to dry (like a minute or so), then pulled it out with no problems. … You can take the device to some third party trusted local service center.More items…•

Can a phone Kill a Charger?

A properly designed and working phone charger cannot kill you. The output voltage is far too low, just 5V, so even if you make a circuit between the positive and ground you would not get a shock. A properly designed and working phone charger cannot kill you.

Is it possible for my phone to break Chargers?

It’s very likely because you are not as careful as you think in the way you handle the charger’s cord and/or connector, and have broken the wires inside. If you’re interested, you can carefully cut the plastic insulation off one of the failed chargers’ cables right where the cable enters the charger and/or connector.

How do you keep your charger from breaking?

A particularly low-tech approach is to simply cut the end off a pair of matchsticks and use them as a splint. Run them along either side of where the connector and cable meet, and bind them tightly with duct tape or similar. Just like that, you’ve got a stronger, if uglier, charger.

Does Apple give free chargers if breaks?

If your iPhone power adapter or charging cord breaks while the iPhone is under warranty, Apple will replace the defective piece for you free of charge. … Apple may ask you to return the defective component in the mail.

Can you fix a broken Apple charger?

When it comes to fixing iPhone chargers, there’s not much you can do unless you know your way around a soldering iron. If you are suffering from problems, first isolate the issue to see whether its the wall plug, lightning to USB cable, or power adapter.

How long do Apple Chargers last?

They don’t expire, but they can stop working, I have a couple that are several years old and have no problems, I have had others that burned out after a few months, If your device is less than a year old, the charger is covered under the ipad warranty as long as their is not user caused damage.

Why do Apple charging blocks stop working?

Your iOS device could become damaged. The cable might be easily damaged. The connector end might fall off, get very hot, or might not fit properly into your device. You might not be able to sync or charge your device.

Why do chargers break so fast?

It is the micro-USB cables that go bad. The micro-USB connector is unusually fragile, and fails more often than any other kind of USB connector. As well, some of the cables themselves are not so good. There are flat USB cables that retract themselves into a reel.

Why does my iPhone charger break?

Most likely the lightning to USB cable and/or your iPhone’s charging port could be dirty. … But you can destroy them by pulling them out by the cable rather than by holding the connector. The phone end of the cable has 4 microcircuits in it. You can get more durable (and fatter) 3rd party cables.

Why do non Apple Chargers stop working?

It’s because Apple charging cables and certified accessories have a chip in them. That chip tells the iPhone that it is certified to work with it. A lot of fake cables have a fake chip in them. That fake chip tends to either burn out and stop working, thus the iPhone doesn’t read the chip.

Does Apple replace AirPods for free?

If you need service for your AirPods or Charging Case, there’s no charge if the issue is covered under the Apple One Year Limited Warranty. … If we need to replace your AirPods or Charging Case, your replacement will be new or equivalent to new in performance and reliability.

How can u charge your iPhone without a charger?

A few of these are so handy that they might replace the AC adapter as your preferred way of keeping your iPhone charged.Use a car charger. … Charge your iPhone wirelessly. … Use a USB cable with your laptop. … Carry a portable battery. … Get a backpack with an integrated battery. … Use a hand-crank portable charger.More items…•