Quick Answer: Can A Police Taser Be Fired More Than Once?

What is the range of a police taser?

about 10 feetWhen a Taser is fired from a distance, prongs or darts connected by wires are discharged at a person.

In those cases, Tasers have a reliable range of about 10 feet, Professor Kenney said, but beyond that, their effectiveness in hitting a target becomes spotty..

Can a Taser be used more than once?

The new Taser stun gun can also can target the same person more than once and each barb can deliver a separate shock, according to manufacturers.

How many times can a Taser cartridge be used?

What if I need more than 30 seconds? In some cases you may not be able to immediately remove yourself from a threat and may need additional time after successfully deploying your TASER device. Each cartridge can only be fired once, but may deliver multiple electrical cycles.

How many shots can a Taser fire?

The cartridge contains a pair of electrodes and propellant for a single shot (or three shots in the X3 model) and is replaced after each use.