How Do I Get My Fitbit Data Back?

How do I reset my Fitbit to zero?

ItzVikiPlug your charging cable into your computer.Plug your Charge into the charging cable.Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and a version number on the screen.Let go of the button..

Can I delete my Fitbit account and start over?

You can delete your Fitbit account at any time on the Fitbit mobile app or website. After you choose to delete your account, you have one week to change your mind, and then all data is deleted from your account within 30 to 90 days.

How do I reset my Fitbit data?

To factory reset your device: On your device, open the Settings app > About > Factory Reset or Clear User Data.

Why is my Fitbit app not working?

You may need to force quit the Fitbit app. From your mobile device, head to Settings>Apps & notifications>See all apps>Fitbit>Force Stop. Try turning Bluetooth off and on again. From your mobile device, head to Settings>Bluetooth, then turn the Bluetooth toggle off then on.

What happened to fitbit groups?

Fitbit Turns Off Web Community Features; Disgruntled Users Migrate to Count.It. … It seems Fitbit has turned off its web-based “activity groups” platform, and is redirecting users to its “in app” community.

Can I change my Fitbit dashboard?

From the dashboard, click the gear icon > Settings. Find the information you would like to change and make your changes. Click Submit.

How do I change the dashboard on my Fitbit app?

Customize Your Fitbit DisplayNavigate to your Accounts tab from the Fitbit app dashboard.Select the device whose settings you’d like to change. … Tap on Customize Display.Check the boxes next to the stats you want to view on your tracker.More items…•

How do I force quit my Fitbit app?

How To Force Quit Android AppsOpen Settings App.Scroll down and tap on ‘Application Manager’Scroll down in the ‘Downloaded’ list and tap the name of the app.Tap ‘Force Stop’ to fully close the application on your device.

Why has my Fitbit lost all my data?

If you are missing data on Achievement, double check that your wearable device has successfully synced with your Fitbit app. Once the data has synced with your app, it still may take 4-5 hours for the data to sync with Achievement. Opening your Achievement app will also help in ensuring your activities sync quickly.

How do I fix my Fitbit app?

My tracker won’t sync, what do I do?Make sure your tracker’s battery is charged. … Close the Fitbit app and then open it again. … Turn off Bluetooth, then on again, and then open the Fitbit app. … Try turning your iPhone off and on again. … Uninstall and re-install the Fitbit app. … Try resetting your tracker.

How do I reset my Fitbit Alta hr to factory settings?

Here is how to do that:Open the Settings app.Find and select Clear User Data.When prompted, hold the screen for three seconds then release it.A vibration will indicate that the factory reset has been performed.

How do I get my old Fitbit layout back?

Please do the following:Open the Fitbit app.Tap “Account”; located on the right low corner of the dashboard.Swipe down and tap “Advanced Settings”.Tap “Switch back to old Dashboard”.

How do I get my Fitbit to sync again?

Troubleshooting stepsForce quit the Fitbit app. … On your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and back on.Open the Fitbit app.If your Fitbit device doesn’t sync, restart it. … Open the Fitbit app.If your Fitbit device doesn’t sync, restart your iPhone or iPad. … Open the Fitbit app.More items…

How do I access my Fitbit dashboard?

How to navigate the Dashboard in Fitbit for AndroidLaunch the Fitbit application from your Home screen or the app drawer. It’s the button with the aqua and white dots arranged in a diamond over a circular black background.Swipe up or down to scroll through the categories. Tap each one for more details. Tracker.

Why are my steps not showing on Fitbit app?

The Steps card on the Fitbit app dashboard will not appear unless you have a Fitbit device linked to your Fitbit account, or you have MobileTrack enabled on your phone. You don’t have to wear the Fitbit device, or even turn it on, you just have to have one linked to your account.

Can you hack Fitbit?

FitBit can be hacked that could allow hackers to infect any PC connected to it. What’s more surprising? Hacking FitBit doesn’t take more than just 10 Seconds. Axelle Aprville, a researcher at the security company Fortinet, demonstrated “How to hack a Fitbit in only 10 seconds,” at the Hack.Lu conference in Luxembourg.

How do I block friends on Fitbit?

You can block friends in the Fitbit app:From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon:Tap or click the tile with your name.Find your Friends list.Tap or click the friend you want to block to view their profile.Tap or click the three dots.To remove the friend, tap or click Block User or block friend.More items…

Can you unfriend someone on Fitbit?

From the dashboard, find the Friends tile. Click the friend you want to delete. On their profile, hover over the teal Friends button.