Can Someone Else Use My Hilton HHonors Number?

Do Hilton employees get free rooms?

If you ARE an employee, there is a document somewhere out in Hilton land that outlines the “free” stay thing.

If you work at certain owned & managed hotels, you are eligible for the “free stay” at certain “owned & managed” hotels..

Can you get Hilton Honors points through booking com?

Hilton Honors Elite Benefits When Booking Through Third-Party? You do not get stay/night credits nor points (unless the hotel makes a mistake) if you book via a third-party website like That’s clearly stated in the Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions under the Accrual of Points section: 3.

Can you live in a hotel if you work there?

Most hotels will not let you live rent free or even on a discounted rate. If they do, you’ll have to pass the probation period which could six months to a year. … Most hotels who allow employees to rent rooms at a discount limit the number of nights a year they may stay at the hotel.

Do I get my Hilton points back if I cancel?

The Hilton Honors terms and conditions even state that “additional cancellation policies are established by each individual hotel and may differ from the general cancellation policy; in that case, the hotel’s individual cancellation policy applies.” But as long as this restriction isn’t disclosed at the time of booking …

Do I get Hilton points if I book through Expedia?

Points are not earned with online travel agency bookings. For example, if you book through Expedia, you will not earn points for your room charge.

Can you give your Hilton points to someone else?

You can transfer your points to other Hilton Honors members at no charge as long as they are also a Hilton Honors member. … Decide how many points you want to transfer, along with the name, email address and the Hilton Honors member number of the recipient and submit the form.

How do you become a lifetime diamond member at Hilton?

Lifetime Diamond Status will be awarded to select Hilton Honors members, who have completed* Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have completed stays totaling at least 1,000 paid and/or reward nights OR who have completed* Diamond Status for at least 10 years (non-consecutive) and who have …

Do Hilton Honors points expire?

Hilton points normally expire after 12 months of inactivity, so this is a reprieve for less active travelers who might not have any stays scheduled for the foreseeable future. … 31, 2020 will have all nights automatically rolled over to next year to count toward their 2021-2023 Hilton Honors tier status.

You can link your Hilton Honors account to your account at by clicking the ‘Get Started’ button in the top right and following the online instructions to link your Hilton Honors account to your account.

How often do Hilton employees get paid?

We get biweekly every two weeks.

Can family members use Hilton Honors?

The Friends & Family discount is 50% off of the Best Available Rate. Hilton team member must associate their Hilton Honors account with their Friends & Family one who can then make these bookings by themselves. The Hilton team member rates are fixed (Friends & Family members are not eligible for them):

Can my wife use my Hilton Honors number?

You can add an extra person’s name to the reservation during the booking process (specifically meant so that the other person can show up earlier than the the HHonors member). My wife, after a career of refusing to travel for work, is now making enough trips annually to have earned gold status on her own.

Can a husband and wife share a Hilton Honors account?

Hilton Honors members can share up to 500,000 points per year with any other member, free of charge.

What is Hilton employee discount?

What’s the Hilton employee discount? The Hilton employee discount is an excellent incentive for staff to book Hilton accommodation at a reduced rate – often saving 80% or more on the best available rate!