Product Description

The ever-changing advancement of vaping devices keeps us on our toes. We strive to thoroughly test and experience our original blends with a multitude of devices spread amongst the basic and advanced vaping apparatus spectrum. The creativity and ingenuity of the vape industry is mind blowing. We are so grateful to be a part of this new world. Tobacco smoke is a thing of the past. As the market grows and advances, we are proud to note that our eLiquid / eJuice withstands even the hottest vape coils. This is achieved by very strict ingredient standards and thus, allowing us to master each blend before releasing it to you. We are constantly testing and researching new flavor possibilities. There is a relentless competition within Halcyon Vapors, to out-do ourselves on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide a daily vape you can depend on. So that in the end, with strict standards and consistency, our flavors will stand side by side with the many great vapes out today.